It is obvious to most users that Google Chrome offers so many benefits. But to understand them properly, you need to read this informative guide and then you can download chrome.

Many touchpad motions are supported-

According to data, on a Chromebook, you may do a variety of tasks using distinct finger movements. The following are a few touchpad gestures: –

  • Swipe three fingers up or down to see all windows.
  • To return to the previous page, use two fingers to swipe left. Click on the forward arrow with two fingers and swipe to the right.
  • Use two fingers on the touchpad to create a right-click.
  • When you want to switch between tabs, use three fingers to swipe left or right.

Longer battery life is a bonus-

You can also get 13 hours of battery life out of a Chromebook. While the average battery life of a MacBook is four hours. Chromebook makes it simple to do office or research tasks.

In addition, here are some extra features you will get on Chrome:

  • A straightforward style
  • Chrome’s starting pages display the most frequently visited websites’ URLs
  • Other Chrome tabs are unaffected if one crashes.
  • Google Chrome does the translation for you.
  • Chrome takes just a few seconds to set up.
  • It is possible to alter the Chrome browser’s color scheme and theme.
  • Chrome is quicker than Firefox and Safari to start up.

Experience Lightning-Fast Web Surfing-

The pace at which you browse is also important. Everyone knows that the primary reason most people choose Chrome over other browsers is speed. The performance of Google’s Chrome browser has improved dramatically since its first release on iOS, when it was noticeably sluggish. Chrome and Safari now run at almost the same pace. In some cases, Chrome is way ahead of Safari and you can also agree on that after you choose thechrome installer option for sure.

Additional things –


Windows and Mac-compatible games will not run on a Linux system. Online gaming is available, however downloading and installing Windows and Mac games is not. On a Chromebook, you can play Android games.

Photo and video editing software for the more technically minded-

Photos and videos can’t be heavily edited. Photoshop and other Adobe products will not run on Chrome OS. For basic picture editing, there are several web applications accessible. However, Chrome OS isn’t the ideal choice for experts. Chromebook’s hardware specifications are also ideal.

Has to have access to a lot of data quickly-

In order to utilize Chrome OS, you’ll need a fast internet connection because 90% of Chromebooks are used for internet-connected applications. The Chromebook’s applications are all hosted in the cloud. For storing large amounts of data, most Chromebooks only offer 30 GB of local storage.

When it comes to watch a movie, you should go for usually the streaming service like Netflix or YouTube.

Has a lot of RAM space-

The Chrome browser utilizes a lot of RAM since it includes a number of RAM-intensive addons.