As the name implies, preventive maintenance helps avoid most problems in your car. That is why it is essential to carry it out within the time indicated by the automakers. However, if you spot anything out of the ordinary in the meantime, the correct thing to do is get it fixed right away. Car trouble is like a snowball. If you leave things to be fixed later, they end up wearing out other parts as they try to make up for the failure with extra effort.

In short, maintenance that would often be cheap turns out to be 3 or 4 times more expensive.

Now, if you still don’t have the ideal workshop to maintain your car, or worse, it broke something and stopped working, see more (ดูเพิ่ม which is the term in Thai) as you read:


The winch is the first step in solving your problem. Some mechanics do the service on-site, but the equipment often limits the service, and only simple repairs are carried out.

If the car is at home or in a safe place, the idea is to make a budget. The value of the service can vary depending on the provider. Initially, you can ask someone for a referral, but if you want to sort it out yourself, there are sites on the internet that specialize in towing—a kind of virtual catalog. The closer the winch seat is, the cheaper and faster the job is usually.

Cheap That Is Expensive

When the car has a problem, it is normal we get into despair and try to solve it as quickly as possible, often taking the nearest repair shop to the vehicle or the cheapest one. But this is a mistake that can be costly since if the job is not done masterfully, it will most likely have to be done again. Do not rely on diagnoses made without a technical basis; always question what happened and why, and ask to see the broken pieces. The more closely you follow the service, the greater the chance it will be carried out correctly.