If you are someone who loves the ledger hardware wallet and want some information about it then you have come to the right place.In this article we will learn about the basics of Ledger hardware wallets. Along with that we will also go through a few steps required toتحميل محفظة ليدجر

What are Ledger hardware wallets used for?

Hardware wallet is a key component of blockchain ecosystem. A ledger hardware wallet provides protection to the cryptocurrency assets. The wallet works with different blockchains all at once. This allows the user to manage Ethereum, bitcoins, lumens and many more all together on the same device. The hardware wallets have a recovery phase where all the information can be backed up.

Some additional information about ledger hardware wallets and ledger live application

At ledger the makers are developing the hardware wallet which is able to provide highest security level required for crypto assets. The ledger hardware wallets are a combination of security and OS which fulfils the user’s needs. The speciality of ledger wallets is that they give the user a complete ownership of their private keys.

The ledger live application works well with the ledger hardware wallet. There are some features the app has and they are 

Sell and buy crypto

The user can buy bitcoin cash, Ethereum, bitcoin, USDT, Cash and stellar directly with the help of the ledger live app. The user can also sell bitcoin for fiat currencies whenever he needs it.

Swapping crypto’s with each other

The user can directly exchange one crypto with another crypto with the help of the ledger live application. Whether the user wants to trade as to potentially gain or increase value or try out a new crypto asset,ledger live is an easy and convenient way to diversify the crypto assets.

Maintaining account balance and checking the transactions

The ledger live lets the user to manage and control all the transactions that happen on his account.

Diversify the crypto assets

The user can grow his assets by securely staking crypto like Tron, Cosmos, Algorand and tezos. The user can also lend assets if he wants to generate interests. The growing of assets is an easy task if done with the help of the ledger live app.

Downloading and setting up Ledger wallet 

For downloading and setting the ledger wallet, the hardware wallet should have a USB port. Along with that the user should have a computer with an updated software and a good internet connection. The user should also have the ledger live application downloaded. For connecting the ledger wallet to the computer, the user should use a specified USB cable. After connecting, the user should choose the ‘Set up as new device’ option. After that the user should set up a pin code. The user should press both the buttons on the wallet for choosing the pin code. Then the user should press the right or left button for choosing the first digit of the Pin code. Then the user should press Both the button to enter the digit. The user should repeat this process until 4 or 8 digits are entered.